Over 90 years of experience in saving cross-border heritage

Regional Museum of History-Haskovo

The Regional Museum of History in Haskovo started its activity as an organized museum in 1956. Its main activity is the collection, storage and promotion of the history of Haskovo Region with movable and immovable monuments. The museum team today consists of 16 experts with long years of experience, who are divided into eight departments.

The museum actively carries out publishing activity with new and interesting publications as well, organizes initiatives targeted at a younger audience as various workshops, seminars, games, film screenings, made by the museum, and other miscellaneous activities. For the last 4 years, the management has supported initiatives related to modernizing the museum in terms of introducing new technologies to upgrade the performance and image of the institution in society. Currently in the museum there are five permanent exhibitions and one temporary.


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Building and sustaining cross-border relations
Experts with vast knowledge in their fields
Pioneers in ways to present culture to visitors
Increasing exposure to culture to more target groups
Gathering knowledge and expanding experience daily

Kirklareli Culture and Tourism Directorate

Kirklareli Culture and Tourism Directorate is a public institution established with the establishment of the first administrative structures of the young Republic of Turkey before more than 95 years.

This public institution has very long experience in cross-border actions developed with aim promoting touristic attractiveness of Kırklareli District and protecting its cultural and historical assets. One of the main aim of this public institution is protecting, restoration, improvement of the cultural monuments and their promotion as important tourism places. Also, the institution is responsible for using the potential and key strengths of the Kirklareli District in cultural and tourism domain and ensuring the regional development on the basic of these potential. Since 2010 the Directorate has implementing cross-border activities for straightening the potential of the cultural, historical and natural heritage in the region.


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